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Poems to Move and Sooth the Heart


The following poems we written by various individuals and permission for reprint was provided to ARMAC.  Please do not reproduce without the express permission of the credited author.




My Legacy


We’ve been best friends

For so many years.

And I know you’ll cry

Uncounted tears.


But when all the tears

Are shed and done

remember now

That I have won.


Know you well

That I am free…

Free of the problems

Plaguing me.


I’m healthy and strong

Like I used to be.

Please don’t grieve

long over me.


For you have

so much to give…

 Love that would allow

Another dog to live.


If you want something

To remember me by

Help that dog

Don’t let him die.


Let this be

my legacy,

A final gift

from you to me.


By Jodi Marcus March 2000




From a Rescue Dog  



You tended to my physical needs,

At the same time sowing seeds 

of trust in me for you


You ran your hands up and down me

Stroking , oh , so very softly

Yet I knew I was always free

to simply walk away


The seeds you planted continued to grow

In our time together you let me know that

I was safe from harm


At first I was so terribly weak.

Now I’m very shiny and sleek

from all your loving care


Now the day has come, you say.

Time for me to go away

with my new family


One last hug and a bright smile,

Your beloved voice telling me all the while 

how happy I will be


But my sharp little ears

Detect the sound of restrained tears as

you say goodbye


You’ve done your job very well.

For this family, I can tell

is perfect, just for me


Living with them I will be fine,

but think of me from time to time

and smile, knowing I am loved


And I will love them with all my heart.

All, except that little part that will

 always belong to you.


By Jodi Marcus 2002

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