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Virtual Sponsoring Program

The Virtual Fostering program is designed for those who would love to foster a homeless Akita but are unable to.  Since its launch the program has been a huge success. 

When you sponsor a rescued Akita your donation is used to help defer the costs involved in housing, feeding and providing medical care for the rescued Akita of your choosing (from the list of Available Orphans on our website).  If the Akita you chose to sponsor has been adopted than your money will go toward another Akita in need. 

            Many of the Akitas that come into ARMAC are adopted quickly.  However, some take much longer to find a loving home and the costs involved in keeping an Akita in rescue can escalate rapidly.  There are also the Akitas that are rescued from neglectful or abusive situations.  These Akitas often require expensive medical tests and treatment.


We have four levels of sponsorship to choose from:

A donation of $25. Your name will be listed on the web site for at least one month as a sponsor of the orphan you choose.
A donation of $50. Your name will be listed for at least a month, and if you provide your address, you will receive a subscription to the ARMAC Newsletter Uniquely Akita for one year as a thank you gift.
A donation of $100. Your name will be listed for at least two months, and as a thank you gift you will receive a subscription to Uniquely Akita.
A donation of $500. Less than the annual cost of a cup of coffee each morning! At this level, your name will be listed on the web site for at least one year. And of course, you will receive Uniquely Akita.

To become a virtual foster, all you need to do is choose the orphan(s) you want to sponsor from our Available Orphans page. Then use our PayPal or Network for Good to make a credit card donation.  Be sure to specify the name of the orphaned Akita that you would like to sponsor when making your donation.

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